Our Classes

All our sessions utilise HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles to deliver the most effective and efficient workouts available today.


Bursts of exercise are matched with short periods of recovery to improve your strength and shape, whilst torching fat and increasing your cardio capability.


This style of training really fires up your metabolism which means you continue to burn calories well after the workout has finished!


Whilst this may sound a bit daunting, these sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness. Modifications to all exercises are offered and the intensity of your workout will evolve organically, as your overall strength and stamina improves.




Our signature workout.

This calorie crunching workout is designed to target the whole body. Bodyweight exercises form the basis of these workouts, which makes them suitable for all fitness levels. These sessions are usually held both indoors and outdoors - see timetable for venues.


Bootcamp Tone

A whole body toning and strength buliding workout, with the added benefit of energetic HIIT training intervals. Tempo and bodyweight are synchronised to maximise muscle recruitment and toning results, while the addition of HIIT moves raises your heartrate.


Kettlebells 40 mins

A full body workout using this unique piece of equipment (a kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle). Compound and isolation exercises help sculpt and tone your body with extra focus on the upper body.






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