What do Gorillas have for cheat meals?

By Liam, Oct 20 2016 02:56PM

Meet Kumbuka the Gorilla.....

No Kumbuka isn't my latest client success story, he's the Gorilla who hit the headlines last week when he tried to escape from London Zoo!

Apparently he broke out of his enclosure in a bid for freedom!

I know the real story though.....

Once he was out if his enclosure he went straight to a store cupboard and helped himself to 5 litres of blackcurrant juice!

So he wasn't trying to escape, he must have been on 'Clean eating' diet all week and that day was his cheat meal!

A cheat meal is where you can eat anything you want (assuming you've been following a more structured protocol beforehand)

I use cheat/treat meals with a lot of my clients and its very effective for different reasons......

1, It gives people a focal point and something to look forward to just like a reward.

2, The body needs to remember what those kinds of food are like and how to deal with them, (science nerd alert - this helps with hormone balance and effectiveness especially Insulin, Cortisol & Leptin)

3, It's also a willpower exercise. Can you manage to eat your cheat meal and then get back on plan for your next meal? Or do you decide that you'll start again on Monday or whenever?!

4, Reintroducing foods may also expose any intolerances or sensitivities you have that you didn't realise you had before.

5, It gets you out of those awkward social/family moments. If you know you're visiting your parents at the weekend and you wont get away with turning down Yorkshire Puddings for Sunday dinner, or indulging in a glass of wine during a meal out with friends. This is when a cheat meal is invaluable!

If you're current following a nutrition protocol such as Paleo, IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), Low carb, gluten free etc. then schedule a cheat meal and see how you respond.

I hope you found learning what gorillas have as a cheat meal interesting?

Look out over the next couple of days for information about my latest group fitness offer (this one is big and crazy).

PLUS I'm about to launch a new project which wont be for everyone but it might just be for you!

Talk Soon


Nutritionist to Celebrity Gorillas

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