Got no time to even do your meal prep?

By Liam, Jun 28 2016 07:00AM

Try this little cheat then...

I bought a bag of spinach, a pack of broccoli, a bag of boodles (butternut squash noodles) and some pre cooked chicken breast.

From this I split everything into 4 portions and seasoned with smoked paprika.

all that was required to was a couple of minutes in a pan or microwave to cook it through when I was ready to eat.

In total it took 20 mins to prepare and gave me 4 meals

the Macros were as follows

Calories 246

Carbs 6g

Fat 2g

Protein 35g

total cost £7.44 which is £1.86 per meal.

The cost could be reduced significantly if the chicken was bought raw and then cooked.

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